Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals are essential for school improvement. By using your completed Self-assessment and latest Report, you can help your leadership team focus on key areas of needed growth.

Access Reports

Your reports are available by date of submission and will also show active goals aligned with the related standards. Shared reports are also available in this list.

Each report can be assigned to designated viewers, who will collaborate with you in the development of strategic goals which address your areas of need. Those who have participated in the assessment process or members of a designated peer-review team have access to your strategic goals.

Strategic Goals

After you examine this report, we recommend that you invite a few members of your school community and selected leaders from other schools to view this report and comment on potential strategies for development. This will set a context for your strategic goals and help your leadership team choose the resources and professional development tools to best address those goals. You can use the tools provided here to help you set strategic goals connected to specific indicators that you wish to focus on and update your progress as a team.

Based on your strategic goals, select the professional services available from ACSI and our partners which best help your school meet those goals. You may also add and edit the services which you host or in which you participate.

Services are regularly being added to the system as we develop partnerships with other service organizations. Services can be listed by Standard number and by language group. The default language for services is English until services are available in your selected language group. One additional language group can be added to the listed services for your convenience.

Showing the details of a professional service will bring up the description of the service with the text of its related indicators. You are also able to connect any service to a strategic goal which will help you remember which services you have identified for addressing these goals.

You also have the option to “request a service”, which will notify ACSI of a particular need and initiate a process of identifying how to serve you, either through the ACSI office or one of our partner organizations.

Your “connected services” refers to those services which you have already connected to your strategic goals. “Services we offer” is a listing of the services your school is currently offering to other schools in your region or language group. Member schools are able to add 2 services to this listing each year to promote collaboration and partnership between schools. We provide a Service Development Worksheet to help you think through this process with your leadership team before posting your services here.