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What is a collaborative project?

Collaborative Project Based Learning is a method of instruction which empowers students to initiate the research, plan, coordinate, and produce a solution to a real-world problem while meeting the curricular goals of your subject area. It also enables project teams to collaborate between subject areas, schools and geographic boundaries for greater project diversity and learning potential.

ACSI Europe has developed an online course to help Christian schools develop collaborative partnerships with schools in other countries. The course has two phases:

Phase One: Partnership and Project Design Phase

Teachers participate in an online course studying the necessary elements of project based learning. Participants are partnered according to interests and grade level being taught. The partners/teams then define and develop a project of their preference that they will be able to carry out with their students in collaboration with the students of their partner teacher/s. The online course is designed to provide teachers with all the necessary support in the development of a high-quality project with biblical integration elements.

Phase Two: Project Implementation Phase

After the teams of teachers have fully developed their projects, they begin working with their students in collaboration with the students of other team members from the online course. Successful project implementation is facilitated and guaranteed by regular check-points, brief reports, and support by the course instructors.

To find out more, view the project list or register for the program, visit the ACSI Europe website.

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