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    The ACSI Christian School Improvement Platform (CSIP) is a community where ACSI member schools can engage in self-assessment, define strategic goals and contribute to strategic development in partnership with other schools as they implement a Christian vision of education.

    CSIP Standards provide a set of indicators for schools to evaluate their current vision for Christian education and its implementation at multiple levels. Understanding that each school is unique and in a long-term process of growth and maturity, this self-assessment helps to strategically set goals for improvement using terms common to ACSI schools around the world.

    Learning and Growing as a Community

    ACSI Europe welcomes you as a member of our community of Christian schools! Every school is unique and each one contributes something valuable to our community as we learn and grow together. We are glad that you, as an ACSI member school, wish to share your experiences in Christian education with brothers and sisters across Europe and beyond.

    We call this platform a “learning platform” because we know that we all have more to learn about how to serve in Christ’s kingdom through Christian education. Since we come from a diversity of cultures and educational backgrounds, we need a common vocabulary in order to understand each other well, and a tool that helps us to work together.

    Within this platform we have identified four levels of development for schools that validates the engagement of each school in this process of learning together. This serves to inspire each of us in our growth as well as our level of engagement with others for mutual growth and benefit.

    We are happy to provide support for your school at any stage of the CSIP process. Please provide any feedback in the Community Page or write to ACSI at
    process summary

    Process Summary

    Identify your team members beginning with 1 of the current users named in your school membership form. User accounts must be set up on the main website with the school code. Your team members are given full access to the self-assessment.

    Each member of your self-assessment team should represent various members of the school community. Ideally, this would include a school board member, a school leader and a lead teacher with input from other individuals or groups.

    The self-assessment is divided into five standards. Each of the standards describes a domain or area of focus for school improvement, and the rationale for including it in the self-assessment process for a Christian school.

    Standard 1: Philosophy and Foundations

    Standard 2: Leadership and Personnel

    Standard 3: Teaching and Learning

    Standard 4: Spiritual Formation

    Standard 5: Strategic School Improvement Plan

    Each of the 5 standards are described here in an overview statement with buttons to view and respond to each indicator within that standard.

    The format for completing each indicator provides the indicator at the top with the related descriptors. You must select a stage of growth that best describes your school from the rubric and then you may identify the documents or recent activities from a list of options or you may add your own. This list of evidence is unique for each Indicator and should identify activities from the last 2 years or working documents. Data is then saved for that Indicator in your self-assessment.

    After submitting your self-assessment, a report will be generated with recommendations for your consideration. This report will provide a basis for your collaboration with ACSI and our network of schools as we work together to address your needs and provide opportunities to share your strengths with others for mutual growth.

    The report you receive, based on your self assessment, will highlight one or two standards as areas that are in need of attention and growth for your school. Select one of these standards to focus on and identify which specific indicators within the standard you wish to address.

    Strategic Goals

    Strategic Goals are essential for school improvement. By using your completed Self-assessment and latest Report, you can help your leadership team focus on key areas of needed growth.

    After you examine this report, we recommend that you invite a few members of your school community and selected leaders from other schools to view this report and comment on potential strategies for development. This will set a context for your strategic goals and help your leadership team choose the resources and professional development tools to best address those goals. You can use the tools provided here to help you set strategic goals connected to specific indicators that you wish to focus on and update your progress as a team.

    Select appropriate professional services

    Based on your strategic goals, select the professional services available from ACSI and our partners which best help your school meet those goals. You may also add and edit the services which you host or in which you participate.

    Services are regularly being added to the system as we develop partnerships with other service organizations. Services can be listed by Standard number and by language group. The default language for services is English until services are available in your selected language group. One additional language group can be added to the listed services for your convenience.

    Use the platform to record the activities you have undertaken and the progress you have made each year as you work towards your strategic goals. Review your goals and your compliance with relevant indicators.

    Monitor, share and celebrate your progress towards your strategic goals as you implement your plan. Review your goals and make adjustments to your plan as needed.


    The highest level of school engagement is the peer-review process, which provides accountability through relationships.

    You may request a peer-review from a team of school leaders who have completed ACSI approved training for this process. This team will provide verification of your self-assessment and recommend special recognition for your school. This review can be completed in a 1-day visit or in combination with another event or activity hosted by your school.

    All rights reserved

    No portion of the CSIP Standards may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means-mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise-without prior written permission of ACSI Europe.