Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals are essential for school improvement. By using your completed Self-assessment and latest Report, you can help your leadership team focus on key areas of needed growth.

Access Reports

Your reports are available by date of submission and will also show active goals aligned with the related standards. Shared reports are also available in this list.

Each report can be assigned to designated viewers, who will collaborate with you in the development of strategic goals which address your areas of need. Those who have participated in the assessment process or members of a designated peer-review team have access to your strategic goals.

Goals = Statements that identify what the school wishes to change or to put in place. These should be clear, actionable, time-bound and aligned with the mission and vision of the school.

All schools have strengths, and areas in which they need to grow if they are to realize their vision. A strategic planning process that results in a plan for strategic improvement will help a school to capitalize on its areas of strength and experience growth in its areas of weakness. Having clear strategic improvement goals will help a school to focus on areas of priority. Christian schools that are seeking to grow benefit from strategic partnerships with other Christian schools and organizations that support mutual growth.

After you examine this report, we recommend that you invite a few members of your school community and selected leaders from other schools to view this report and comment on potential strategies for development. This will set a context for your strategic goals and help your leadership team choose the resources and professional development tools to best address those goals. You can use the tools provided here to help you set strategic goals connected to specific indicators that you wish to focus on and update your progress as a team.