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What are “Expected Student Outcomes”?

What do you want a student who graduates from your Christian school to “look” like? That is, what important skills, character traits and habits do you desire that students develop during their time at school?

This “Portrait of a Graduate” can be described by a school community as their “Expected Student Outcomes” or “ESOs”. These outcomes are not specific to any particular course or activity but rather reflect the overall goals of the total school program, including curricular and extra-curricular activities. They flow out of the mission and vision of the school.

Over the coming weeks I am planning to make a series of posts about ESOs and their potential for the Christian school. Please join the conversation! Does your school have a formal statement of ESOs (or something similar by a different name)? If so, please share in the comments below – perhaps a link to your school’s website page where the ESOs are published? This could be very useful to schools who are looking for examples to help them get started.

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